Animal Nutrition

This is one of the broad thematic areas. It’s taught in both Faculty of Vet Medicine and Faculty of Agriculture to undergraduates and postgraduates students.


1.Equip animal nutritionists with knowledge and skills in nutrition and feed science to enhance sustainable utilization of feed resources and improve animal productivity.

2.Train personnel to undertake academic responsibility in research, consultancy and teaching and promote application of biotechnology in animal nutrition and feed science.

The sub-topics under this includes; Basic Animal Nutrition, Animal Feeds and feeding Resources, Dairy cattle Nutrition and management, sheep and goat Nutrition and management, Beef Cattle Nutrition and management, Camel Nutrition and management, Energy and Protein Metabolism, Techniques of Feed Formulation, Principles of Animal Production, Principles Animal Nutrition, Pasture Production, Conservation and Utilization, Production of Ruminants and Non-ruminant Animals , Ruminant Metabolism and utilization, poultry nutrition and production, integrated production systems as well as biotechnology in animal nutrition ,vitamin and mineral nutrition, feed enzymes, feed additives.

Learner is expected to have knowledge of the above sub topics in the thematic area  by end of their degree programme.

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  • The programme shall run over a minimum four and a maximum of ten semesters of fifteen weeks each.

  • The programme shall be by coursework, examination and thesis. The research work for a thesis shall be undertaken after successful completion of coursework

  • Students shall be required to take all the prescribed courses.

  • Students shall be required to take a minimum of three courses and a maximum of seven courses in a semester.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements
  1. The common regulations for the Master's degree in all faculties shall apply.

  2. The following shall be eligible for admission.

  3. Holders of the following degree awards of the University of Nairobi or equivalent qualifications from universities or institutions recognized by the senate of the University of Nairobi ;

  4. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine.

  5. Bachelor of Science with at least Upper Second-Class Honors in Agriculture, Range management, Food Science and Technology or Biochemistry.

Holders of Lower Second-class Honors degree or with at least two years relevant experience;

Holders of a Pass degree or equivalent qualifications as listed in 3 above with either a relevant post-graduate diploma or five years experience.

Fees and Funding

Fees and Funding

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