Animal Genetics and Breeding

The contribution of the livestock sector to the national economy and rural livelihood is significant. However, the development of this important sector has not kept pace with the growth of the human population. The envisaged increase in population and improvement in living standards will increase the demand for animal products. To meet the increased demand for these products, it is important that natural resources in livestock production be utilized efficiently and sustainably in the different ecological zones. Furthermore, there have been marked advances in science and technology that need to be communicated to the end-users. In addition globalization of the livestock industry demands that professionals be primed to operate under this environment.

Therefore the objectives of this programme are to:

1.1 Equip geneticists and animal breeders with knowledge and skills in animal genetics and breeding to

enhance sustainable management of animal genetic resources.

1.2 Train manpower to undertake academic responsibility in research, consultancies and teaching in animal genetics and breeding.

1.3 Train manpower to document and conserve animal biodiversity and apply biotechnology in livestock improvement.


  • The programme shall run over a minimum four and a maximum of ten semesters of fifteen weeks each.

  • The programme shall be by coursework, examination and thesis. The research work for the thesis shall be undertaken after successful completion of coursework

  • Students shall be required to take all the prescribed courses.

  • 4.4 Students shall be required to take a minimum of three courses and a maximum of seven courses in a semester.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

The common regulations for the Masters degrees of the University of Nairobi and Faculty of Agriculture shall apply.

The following shall be eligible for admission:

Holders of the following degree awards of the University of Nairobi of equivalent qualifications from Universities or institutions recognized by the Senate of the University of Nairobi;

a) Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine.

b) Bachelor of Science with at least Upper Second-Class Honors in Agriculture,Range Management,Food Science and Technology, Wildlife or Zoology.

Holders of Lower Second-class Honors Degree with at least two years relevant experience;

Holders of Pass degree or equivalent qualifications as listed above with either or relevant post-graduate or five years experience.




Science In Animal Genetics And Breeding

Fees and Funding

Fees and Funding

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