Poster presentation during the Nairobi Innovation Week 2022 on " Valorization of Mango Processing Waste: Inclusion of Mango Peel and Seed Kernels in Chicken Feed" Everyne Nawiri,Naum Jepkirui,Joyce Maina,Jane Ambuko,Judith Atela and Benjamin Kyalo

Animal production poster presentation during the Nairobi Innovation week 2022

Mango processing is one of the strategies used to address high postharvest losses in the mango value chain

However, mango processing generates 35-55% waste of the total tonnage of fruit processed

It is estimated that 139,000 metric tons of mango peel are disposed annually in Kenya

Utilization of mango fruit as fresh fruit or in processing yields approximately 18 million tons of seed kernels annually

The processing waste which ends up in landfills creates an environmental challenge as it contributes pollution and green house gases