Brief History

The department of Animal Production is one of the oldest departments of the University having started in 1965 as part of then Royal Veterinary Collage, University of East Africa. The department is administered under the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, but is also a full member of the Faculty of Agriculture.  Based on this, all students admitted to the faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine must take courses taught by the department, including students of Biomedical Technology, Wildlife Management, Food Technology, Range Management and Agricultural engineering.


Apart from undergraduate courses, the department of Animal Production offers Masters of Science and PhD level courses in Animal Genetics & Breeding, Animal Nutrition and in Poultry Science. Based on its multidisciplinary setup, the department services courses developed in other departments such as PhD in dry land agriculture, agricultural economics. Indeed services from various staff of the department are required to implement teaching and research programs in other collages of the University, such as collage of Biological and Physical Sciences. The department is engaged in robust research resulting into outstanding publications, and consultancy services through nutrition lab, where feed analysis and ration formulation among other services are offered. The revenue from this supplement funds required for teaching and other activities in the laboratory.


Previous Chairmen

Prof.J.O.Junga               (Current Chairman)

Prof.Badamana.M.S         (2004 - 2016)

Prof. R.O. Mosi                 (1998 – 2004)

Prof. P.N. Mbugua             (1992 – 1998)

Prof. M.M. Wanyoike         (1986 – 1992)

Prof. Abdullah Naji Said     (1980 – 1986)

Prof. C.N. Karue

Prof. R.S. Musangi

Prof. Braend

Prof. Slajsford



Major Highlight and Achievements

The department has stepped up its visibility and course popularity as evidenced by ability to attract international students from countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania and Sudan, in short courses, undergraduate as well as Masters level courses. To remain relevant, the department is currently developing courses in animal science and aquaculture in response to market demands and specific requests.


Several members of the Department of Animal Production are involved in funded research activities that include postgraduate student training. Current agencies funding our research include National Science Foundation, USDA (developing transgenic swine with improved feed utilization efficiency); Denver Foundation (Population genetics and conservation of endangered Grevy's zebra); Omega Farms (Population genetics and captive breeding of Tilapia on Lake Baringo); ASARECA (genetic characterization of cattle breeds in Kenya).


Apart from research, the department manages a successful poultry unit that generates income to the University through egg sales, short courses in poultry science. Further, graduates of the department are absorbed into both government and private sector such as the Ministry of Agriculture, departments of veterinary and livestock services, animal production industries.