Ongoing Research Projects in Animal Production

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Ongoing Projects

Project Name Sponsor Start Year End YearAmountProject Link
Testing Ascertainment Bias And Rna Secondary Structure Morphometrics As Reliable Phylogenetic Signals

Joel W. Ochieng.

2012 2015 View Details
Genetic Improvement And Captive Breeding Of Tilapia

Joel W. Ochieng

2012 2014 View Details
Strategies To Promote Rabbit Value Chain In Kenya

Ministry of Livestock Development, KARI, Rabbit Development Stakeholders Forum

2011 2014 View Details
Promoting Sustainability Of Aquaculture Sector

Prof. E. Karuri (Food Science & technology, Dr. P.G. Mbuthia (Vet. Pathology), Dr. S. Wangia ( Agricultural Economics), Jane Ngugi (KARI), Paul Orina( Kenya & Marine Research Institute(KMFRI), George Owiti & B. Omollo from Ministry of Fisheries Development, Dr. J. Mburu (Vet Anatomy & Physiology

2011 2014 View Details
Improving Livestock Production - Project 3(fs-b) Socio Economic Survey And Characterization Of Selected Indigenous Cattle Of Eastern And Central Africa ASARECA/Prof. R.O Mosi(PI) 2006 2008 41,142 View Details
An Ecosystem Approach To Human Health 2004 View Details
Assessment Of Rice Based Feedstuffs For Poultry Production In Mwea Division-kirinyaga District, Kenya AICAD/Dr. J.G Maina/Dr. L.W Kabuage(PI) 2003 2007 28,571 View Details
Intergrating Fish Culture Into Rice And Livestock Farming At The Mwea Irrigation Scheme In Krinyaga District AICAD/Dr. J.G Maina/Dr. L.W Kabuage(PI) 2003 2007 20,571 View Details
Small Holder Dairy Farms Feed Packages And Strategies View Details
The Development Of A Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis Cells Vaccine View Details
Impact Of Napier Smut On Small Holder Dairying, Identification Of Smut Resistant Varieties And Of Most Appropriate Delivery Pathways Dr.Wahome (P.I) View Details
Analysis Of Small Holder Dairy Production Systems In Western Kenya Dr.Wahome (P.I) View Details
Evaluation Of Tithonia (tithonia Diversiflora) And Muthatha (sapium Elipticum) As Source Of Fodder For Ruminant Animals View Details
Evaluation Of Em In Improving Stover Feeding Quality View Details
National Feed Resource Mapping And Database Development. Dr.Onyango D.W(P.I) View Details
Development And Promotion Of Home Made Ration Formulation For Optimal Dairy Dr.Onyango D.W(P.I) View Details
Collaborating With National Animal Husbandry Research Station National Animal Husbandry Research Station (Naivasha), KARI View Details