Tree Planting for a Greener, Cleaner Environment
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Wed, 2015-04-08 09:32

Students actively participating in tree planting event at UNIBIO Park.


CAVS successfully participated in tree planting event that was held at UNIBIO Park. The event takes place twice a year (in each rainy season) and is in line with the College’s core values of Respect for and conservation of the environment, and also with the National Reform Policy in Forestry which requires active participation by all stakeholders in order to ensure the attainment of 10% forest cover in Kenya. Little wonder the College clinched silver trophy after emerging third at the Total Eco challenge 2013.

According to UN FAO,  6.1% or approximately 3,467,000ha of Kenya is forested. Less than 2.175ha of the estimated size comprise indigenous forests. This is less than the recommended 10-30%.

Loss of tree cover has impacted negatively on our climate and led to extended periods of drought, leading to major disruption of the agricultural sector and animal production. Food security has become a recurring threat particularly to the livelihoods of people in the rural communities including negative impacts on their socio economic status. This has raised poverty levels leading to increased rural -urban migration and other subsequent challenges.

Being a nationwide leader in tree planting, CAVS encourages and continues to participate in tree planting activities and forest conservation; with the ultimate goal of surpassing the required forest cover in Kenya.

This will ultimately lead to a greener and cleaner environment.

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