Animal Nutrition
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Animal Nutrition
Section Head                                     Area of Specialization


Ph.D. (California), M.Sc. (Nairobi); BVM (Nairobi); University of Nairobi

Prof Gachuiri specializes in Basic Animal Nutrition, Dairy cattle Nutrition and management,sheep and goat Nutrition and management,Beef Cattle Nutrition and management,Camel Nutrition and management,Energy and Protein Metabolism,Techniques of Feed Formulation,And superviosion of Postgraduates and Undergraduates students.Read More....
Teaching Staff


Ph.D,M.Sc.(Reading),BVM &S      ( Mosul), Dip. Anim. Husb. (Egerton)

I have been the Chairman, Department of Animal in addition I teach the following courses: Principles of Animal Production, Principles Animal Nutrition, Pasture Production, Conservation and Utilization, Production of Ruminants, Feeds and Feeding, Dairy Nutrition and Management, Sheep and Goats Nutrition and Management, Ruminant Metabolism and utilization, Livestock Production Systems, Wildlife Production and Natural Histories of Selected Species.Read more.....

Prof.Mbugua Paul,

B.Sc (UoN),PhD(Cornell University)

I teach both undergraduate and graduate students. The areas I cover involve basic animal nutrition (macro and micro nutrients), poultry nutrition and production, integrated production systems as well as biotechnology in animal nutrition My research has involved vitamin and mineral nutrition, feed enzymes, feed additives and poultry/dairy production systems.Read More....

Prof.Mitaru Barnabas N,

B.Sc(UoN),M.S.c(UoN),PhD(University of Saskatchewan)


To date he has taught and supervised several graduate students at MSc and PhD levels at the University of Nairobi and also in collaboration with other national, regional and international Universities. In Academic Linkages and Training experience he has been the Lead person In the establishment of Linkage between University of Nairobi and Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany (2006 – 2010), Lead person In the establishment of Linkage between University of Nairobi and International Crops Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics (ICRISAT), 2005 – 2008, Lead Person (2005 – 2007) Read more....


Dr.Maina Joyce G

B.Sc. Agriculture( UoN ), M.Sc. Animal Production (UoN) Ph.D. Animal Nutrition

Dr. Joyce Maina is a senior lecturer at the Department of Animal Production, College of Agriculture &Veterinary Sciences in the University of Nairobi. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Animal Nutrition from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As a lecturer she has had several responsibilities among them Training and providing mentorship to students in the Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences, Supervision of Graduate and Undergraduate Students and other Faculty and Departmental duties and Effectively represented the Department of Animal Production in the Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Timetabling Committees (2002 – 2009), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Projects and Attachment Committee (2001 – 2009), and recently appointed to the Faculty of Agriculture Curriculum Committee.Read more.....
Nutrition Laboratory Section
Technical Staff


MBA,BBA(Moi University),

Section Head


I have been a Laboratory Manager, in Department of Animal Production Laboratories of the University of Nairobi With the capacity to train students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, participate in research and consultancy work. I ensure technical staffs work as a team to achieve maximum output in the laboratory services whose major clientele include feed manufacturers companies, research institutions and livestock farmers. I ensure the department stays within the operation budget, through department procurement plan budget.I also manage poultry Unit in the Department where we generate income through the sale of eggs,spent layers and broilers.Read More.....

Mrs.Anne M.Kimende

Her key duties includes: assisting teaching staff,undergraduate and postgraduate students in the preparation and carrying out practicals,research work projects,feed/food analysis.Read More....

Ms.Pauline Makenzi

My main duties include:Analysis of animal feeds by:- Proximate analysis,Vansoest fibre determination,Adiabatic bomb calorimetry,Invitro (two stages Tilley and Terry) dry matter digestibility,Invivo dry matter digestibility,Insacco (nylon bag) dry matter dry matter.Mineral determination by Flame Emission Spectrophotometer, U.V Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer.Read More...

Mr.Benjamin Kyalo

My main duties include: In charge of and operation of the: - Flame Emission Spectrophotometer, U.V Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer. Other duties are doing mineral analysis of plant tissue, inorganic raw materials and soil samples,Assisting master’s students and other individual researchers in their research projects.Training and holding student’s laboratory practical lessons.Read More...

Mr.Dismond ambale,


His current duties are Feed analysis and conducting practicals for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.Read More....


His current duties are Feed analysis and conducting practicals for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.Read More....

Mr.Leonard Mbugua

His current duties are Feed analysis and conducting practicals for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.Read More....
Poultry Unit
Staff at Unit






In-Charge of Unit


He is in charge of the Poultry Rabibtry and shoat which acts as a teaching and research units.Read More.....

Mr.Charles Karuku

Staff at Poultry Unit

Read more.....


Staff at Poultry Unit

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Staff at Poultry Unit

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